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Our dedicated and experienced nurses provide stoma, wound, fistula and continence care nursing to hospitals and patients in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town and Parktown, Johannesburg. 

Ostomy Care

Our experienced Stomaltherapists provide:

  • Pre and post operative education and advice on the surgical procedure and disease process
  • Pre operative siting of the stoma on the patient’s abdomen which reduces the incidence of post operative stomal and peristomal complications
  • Discuss all aspects of living with a stoma including lifestyle adjustments, dietary advice and sexuality
  • Instruction on stoma pouch management including emptying and changing
  • Stoma pouch selection and prescription, done in consultation with the patient.

Consultations take place pre-operatively at our consulting rooms and post-operatively at the patients bedside in the hospital.

Post discharge:

  • Ongoing support, education and stoma management at our consulting rooms until the patient is confident in the management of their stoma.
  • Lifelong support and management of any stomal and/or peristomal skin complications.

Free assistance with Medical Aid authorisation is provided.

Wound & Fistula Care

Our  advanced wound care nurses manage post-operative acute wounds, open abdomens and draining wounds including NPWT in our dedicated wound care only consulting rooms and in the hospital setting where appropriate.

We offer:

  • Post operative surgical wound site management removal of sutures and clips and pouching of drain sites
  • Management of complex fistulae draining wounds and drains and initiation of fistuloclysis in conjunction with a Multi DisciplinaryTeam (MTD)
  • A full range of wound care and fistula management products

Free assistance with Medical Aid authorisation is provided.

Urinary & Faecal Continence Care

Management of urinary and faecal incontinence including LARS (Low Anterior Resection Syndrome).

We offer the following services:

  • Instruction on Intermittent Self Catheterisation
  • Changing of Indwelling and Suprapubic catheters
  • Instruction and teaching of Low Volume Washouts
  • Lifestyle advice and guidance on Urinary and Faecal Incontinence

We stock a wide range of disposable and washable continence care products; condom and urethral catheters, catheter bags and straps, washouts kits and more.

Free assistance with Medical Aid authorisation is provided.

How we Work

  • Accounts for all appliances are submitted electronically to the Medical Aids for reimbursement direct to the practice
  • All consultation fees are for the patients account.
  • Assistance with reimbursement for consultation fees is provided.
  • Non-payment of accounts by the medical aids is escalated with the assistance of Navicare Solutions

We stock all stoma, wound, fistula and continence care products available in South Africa as well as stoma support belts and garments, stoma underwear and colon silencers. Delivery services are offered countrywide and to neighbouring countries.

Virtual Consultations

For patients who are not able to access our consulting rooms or who live outside of the greater Cape Town or Johannesburg areas, virtual consultations can be arranged. A consultation fee will apply.

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